about this blog

This Blog is for those interested in customer service in general or – in particular – for businesses interested in customer service.

We want to help businesses improve their customer service, and we believe there’s a major benefit for organizations that do so – financial success!  There is a business impact from better customer service.

But we also feel there’s a societal impact from better customer service.  So many interactions that we have nowadays are with businesses – the cable company, the hospital, the government, where we get our car worked on, the phone company, the restaurant, the schools our children attend, even the arena of our local sports team.

There are billions of interactions which occur on a daily basis in the world of business either on the phone, face-to-face, via e-mail, or on the web.  These interactions create a tone of conversation among us such that the better we’re served and the more effective the service, the more positive our daily outlook might become.  Similarly, the more employees are trained on how to communicate well, how to deliver phenomenal service, then the more positive and respectful they’ll be in their personal lives as well.

Customer service – it can impact your organization’s performance, your corporate culture, and the fabric of your community.

And this is a Blog written by customer service consultants, trainers, and researchers also looking to help make customer service a positive attribute again in our society.

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  1. As a business owner/training manager of thirteen years, I not only agree that learner-focused training in excellent customer service skills benefits people-to-people interactions in the organization as well as in the community at large. We operate a service business–a dry cleaner–and I am constantly amazed at how few new hires enter the working world with truly limited knowledge of how to effectively interact with customers. It seems as if they can’t text it, blog it, or twitter it, they can’t say it! I am also gratified, however, at the improvement I see as the result of positive training. Over time, even the youngest, most technology-tied employee learns to smile, to listen and to respond to customer’s needs. I also see improvement in the ways they interact with one another, both inside and outside of the workplace.

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