Are Your People and Processes Stressed?

Growing too fast? That is actually a problem some organizations are having. Even in this tough economy, community colleges, for example, are busting at the seams.

With unemployment high, getting low-cost, high quality targeted education is in more demand than in any time in recent memory. But just like throwing a baseball as fast as possible can highlight flaws in a pitcher’s delivery or swinging a golf club as fast as you can highlights flaws in the swing, so does having tremendous student demand highlight operational flaws for community colleges.

We were recently contacted by a community college which is engaging us to mystery shop their registration and financial aid processes. Their concern is that their processes and people are being pushed by the new volumes, and they’re also concerned about the customer experience that results. What are employee attitudes like? Are staff patient or rushed? How long are the waits, and how does the organization manage waits? Are there unnecessary delays and paperwork in the process? How many steps are in the processes, and how long do they take?

There are many questions to answer – questions that become more and more important as organizations’ people and processes are stretched to the limit.

Where are your people and processes stretched too far? Maybe it’s not because you’re growing too fast; in this economy, maybe it’s because you’re trying to do more and more with less and less.

Find out if this new normal in today’s economy has created a new experience for your customers.

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