Season is 25% Over. Do you know where your fans are?

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the regular season is almost 25% done. Most teams are getting to the point where they’ve played 15 to 20 games out of the 82 game schedule.

It’s easy at this point in the season to, as an account representative, get into a rhythm of responding to e-mails, distributing tickets, and dealing with the day-to-day operational responsibilities that come with all the home games and the between game activities. But the great thing about working in any professional sports organization, at any level, is you have potential to have ongoing data-driven research from two significantly different perspectives.

“Ongoing” means that this research occurs year-round, but in particular during the season. The first perspective is data and research that you can perform on that data based on customer activity. What games are the fans attending? With what events are they participating? What benefits are they utilizing? You can gain a tremendous about of information based on where they are participating and where they are not participating. This assessment of their behaviors enables you to tailor your communications to, retention efforts with, and additional sales to your existing client base.

The second perspective relates to observations, communications, and preferences. On an ongoing basis during the season, you have consistent opportunities to interact with your season ticket holders and other key fans. You have consistent opportunities to ask for feedback, to solicit formal input via surveys, and to gain knowledge of their preferences and dislikes. You have an ongoing stream of information from your clients if you’re willing to do three things: seek it out, document it, and analyze it.

Once you have a combination of solid participation-related and data on customer preferences and likes/dislikes, you are armed with a tremendous amount of intelligence that you can use to maximize retention and sales.

It’s only 25% of the way through the season, but for account representatives, you need to be in midseason form in utilizing data to grow relationships and sales.

Do you know where your customers really are?

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